IRCTC Mobile – Great Aid to Reserve Railway Ticket Anytime and Anywhere!

IRCTC mobile is considered as an exclusive safe transaction solution inhabiting on your cell phone, which enables you to reserve railway ticket from anytime and anywhere. In fact, the IRCTC mobile has a user friendly and attractive interface to help simple routing and has capacity to reserve tickets and store ticket detail in real time, making it a perfect ticketing solution. Once you type your cell phone number within the IRCTC web-page, you’ll be mechanically enrolled, post which you could download as well as set-up IRCTC mobile over your Java enabled cell-phone. You could begin reserving railway ticket via your IRCTC mobile as well as pay via the cash card or credit card. There are some pre-requisites of utilizing the IRCTC mobile and they are the following:

  • You require to be a IRCTC user
  • Have a cash card or credit card
  • Have GPRS service activated over your cell phone
  • Have a java enabled smart phone or mobile phone

However, this service isn’t accessible for CDMA mobile user. To check out if your mobile is java enabled you should refer to your cell phone book manual or demote to the phone manufacturer site. Railway ticketing via IRCTC mobile will function on the entire GPRS plans of different mobile operators. Currently, railway ticketing is the solitary service accessible via IRCTC mobile as well as the following features are accessible:

  • Book ticket via your cell phone
  • Enroll to IRCTC via mobile phone
  • View reserved ticket details
  • View fare
  • View train route
  • View availability
  • Watch train details
  • Quick booking option
  • Manage passengers list over IRCTC mobile

You require to enroll yourself with IRCTC for utilizing the IRCTC mobile or through the site Well, the steps for accomplishing the IRCTC mobile service over mobile are:

  • Enroll for the facility
  • Download as well as set-up the IRCTC mobile over your cell phone
  • Set off IRCTC mobile over your cell phone
  • Now your IRCTC mobile is ready to be used

To register regarding the train ticketing service via IRCTC mobile:

  • Enter your cell phone number
  • Users gets enrolled for IRCTC ticketing via IRCTC mobile
  • After post enrollment, the users obtain a service message from IRCTC including a link

To download IRCTC mobile the user should accept the WAP message by just selecting it or by receiving it and also by clicking on the link within the WAP message. This’ll consequence in downloading the IRCTC mobile application and the app will suggest the users to install. Then the user should select the yes option for installing the app on the cell phone. Once installed, the IRCTC mobile icon will emerge on the cell phone menu or application or games or my own folder. To activate the IRCTC mobile follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Select IRCTC mobile icon over your cell phone.
  • Then set-up a PIN regarding IRCTC mobile because this PIN will be utilized regarding your potential logins.
  • Then the IRCTC mobile will link to IRCTC’s backend server as well as start the activation procedure.
  • IRCTC mobile will also download the essential info by coordinating with IRCTC’s back end server.
  • Now the IRCTC mobile major menu is activated over the phone display.